"I am pleased to report that the positive mojo I gained from the trip has remained constant since I've returned. Seriously---I feel a sense of peace and guidance that was not present before the trip. It has been so helpful with many of the issues I'm dealing with professionally and personally. So, I thank you all so much."  – Kym G.

Finca Las Nubes (Farm of the Clouds) is located two miles from the pacific ocean some 1,200 to 1,500 ft. high on a plateau offering a cooler climate than down below. Surrounded by a steep escarpment on two sides and a mountain on the other, it offers a spectacular view panorama overlooking the entire coast over the edge of the infinity pool from Costa Rica to the San Juan bay to the west, and volcanoes Conception and Maderas emerging from Lake Nicaragua to the east. Incredible wildlife is all around you. Howler monkeys call from the trees right above the house.

This totally private and exclusive estate is surrounded by hundreds of acres of indigenous forest, fruit orchards, and organic gardens. Milk the cows or goats, collect eggs from the chickens, pick fresh fruit or vegetables, plant seeds in the garden and watch them come up in a few days. You can tour the farm on horseback. You can hold a monkey or pet the deer. There are many outfitters for both surf and fishing trips and boats can be chartered at the beach.

Most of the organic food prepared for you comes from the farm and is served where and when you want it. You will choose fish, beef, chicken, lobster, shrimp or vegetarian and it will be prepared according to your liking. Come experience the perfect harmony of rustic luxury.