“A truly life awakening experience led by two visionary young women in an awe-inspiring environment. Anytime I feel lost or stressed, I just recall my week in Nicaragua and I can reclaim my inner  peace.” --Pam H.


"I am pleased to report that the positive mojo I gained from the trip has remained constant since I've returned. Seriously---I feel a sense of peace and guidance that was not present before the trip. It has been so helpful with many of the issues I'm dealing with professionally and personally. So, I thank you all so much."  – Kym G.


"I CANNOT express how grounding, moving and life affirming it was to be with you ladies, to visit the beautiful country of Nicaragua and live so cleanly off the land, an experience I will always cherish, and it was such an incredible group of women to share it with, thank you! I have held on to all the gifts I received during our time together." –Sophie S.


"This retreat was precisely what I needed to step back, reflect and nourish myself more deeply. I stretched my body, my heart and my spirit and had awesome adventures with friends new and old!" -Naomi H.